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Martino Madeddu

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"I had the pleasure of working alongside Otto for the period he was at Axis animation. I joined the team he was in for a difficult sequence and he not only showed great technical and artistic skills but he was always trying to go the extra mile to achieve the best possible result even under pressure. I can easily say that it was great to have him around for the project."

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"I had the pleasure to work with Otto for a project I directed and supervised the visual effects: ECHO. This project features never-seen-before technology I developed with the acclaimed motion control specialist studio Stiller Studios. The CG side of the project was a key element, not only at an artistic level but way more at a technical level
My experience working with Otto was excellent as he never surrendered in front of complex setups to build in term of lighting; he addressed my constant feedback inputs and he took care of the renders of two long takes of thousands of frames featuring 2 cameras synchronized for the scene without losing a single pixel of quality; and he managed all the 3D elements of the scene for other artists collaborating with me in the strategy of optimization of the workflow.
I can say about Otto he has a fine eye for detail and an excellent knowledge of the craft of lighting, always in a good mood, easy to get along and to work with, tenacious, self motivated and proactive, and an artist who genuinely cares about his job.
Any VFX/Animation team would be graced to have a talented gentleman as Otto to lead them."

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"I worked alongside Otto on in-game Cut scenes for an upcoming title during his time at Axis. He adapted efficiently to the Axis pipeline and showed great knowledge in Lighting and colour theory; allowing him to produce some beautiful work. I would like to work with him again in the future!"

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Tommaso Sanguigni

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"I worked with Otto at EDI. He is a great professional, with solid basis on lighting and compositing. His work experience and great artistic taste always guarantee amazing results.
He is also a very friendly person, always open to share his skills and knowledge to the whole team. 
I hope to work with him in the future. 
Highly recommended."

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Alessandro Anzola

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"I had the pleasure to work with Ottaviano in different companies. 
Very talented guy with an amazing eye for lighting and composition,able to work and coordinate teams. 
Really strong capabilities on the lighting process and really good taste in composition. 
always open to improve his skill and to listen other colleagues. 
i hope to work again with him really soon."

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Eduardo Casado Dominguez

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"I had the pleasure to have served as Ottaviano´s supervisor on "Metegol". 
Ottaviano held the position of Senior Lighting. He handled shots of varius levels de complexity. 
Ottaviano was working with great dedication and professionalism. He strived to produce hihigt quality image for the film. 
He paid close attention to detail and was very mindful of continuity. 
I very much enjoyed working with him and would love to have an opportunity to work with him again in the future. I would recommend Ottaviano for employment. ​"




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"It's a truly pleasure work with Otto, he's a dedicated artist with a keen eye and fabulous technical skills. he is a reliable worker for any production."

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"Otto worked as part of a team lighting shots at Framestore. He worked well within the team and produced good looking shots. I have no doubt he will perform excellently at any task he is asked to do."

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