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Lighting - Lookdev - 3d Artist

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I'm Ottaviano Brando,
I started my career back in 2008 at Rome University "La Sapienza", in "graphics and multimedia design".

I worked in Rome and Milan before starting to travel and turn Europe as well as South America. In these trips, I have accumulated a lot of experience in the best companies, like Cinesite, Mikros animation, Bluezoo, Framestore and Axis among others.

I worked on more than 40 projects for clients around the world, from short films to movies, TV shows, commercials, game cinematics, and more.

From 2014 I teach for Solidangle in a course drawn by me ( to create new artists Junior with a solid base in lighting and compositing.

I was a guest in different schools where I brought my experience and I have always tried to give some advice that can help you be a better artist than yesterday and worse than tomorrow.

My passion for this work brought me in 2014 in Spain, where I oversaw the lighting department for the film Animal Crackers where I putting all my experience to service a great team.
I keep moving and work for the major VFX companies across Europe.

My passion for art is contagious, and my desire to stay up to date and always top quality means that my desire to improve myself not stop burning inside me.

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