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Lighting - Lookdev - 3d Artist

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I'm Ottaviano Brando,
I started my career back in 2008 at Rome University "La Sapienza", in "graphics and multimedia design".

Since I founded Uchi vfx in 2023, I have mixed my passion for the job with years of experience around Europe, creating images that excite and surprise.

I supervise a team of talented artists, working together to advance our vision.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work on over 40 projects for clients around the world, from short films to movies, TV shows, commercials, game cinematics, and more with renowned companies such as Framestore, Cinesite, Bluezoo, Puppetworks, Edi and many others.

These experiences have taught me a lot and helped me grow as a professional in the industry.


My passion for photography also led me to create a lighting course on, with the aim of training and inspiring the next generation of artists.

Today, I focus on being a supervisor and creating strong relationships with our clients, as well as advising companies in need. I enjoy working closely with the team, facing challenges and achieving ambitious goals together.

I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow and learn. I look forward to continuing this exciting journey and meeting passionate people like me in the industry.

Keep in touch.


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